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Our AI-powered tools can help you offer easy-to-use mental health solutions at scale — whether it's for your patients, members, or employees.

Easy to integrate & customize

Elomia is a simple download using access codes or SSO. We can integrate it with your existing EAP or other software, including EHRs and dashboards.

You can also embed a white-labeled version into your website or app.

Insights and analytics

View aggregated, de-identified data to understand engagement and uncover trends.


Safe & secure for all

We can use established protocols in high-risk situations and store data in a HIPAA-compliant way.



Elomia is trained on thousands of "clinical hours" to follow evidence-based approaches with documented outcomes.

Solution that people want to use

Thanks to our proprietary AI-powered technology, people use Elomia 2.5 times more often1 than other chatbots, such as Wysa or Woebot.

Messages per user per week
Other chatbots
The challenge

Up to 40% of employees suffer from symptoms of depression or anxiety. However, less than 7% access an EAP due to stigma, lack of awareness, and time constraints.

Limited support means people delay access, which leads to symptoms worsening and recovery taking longer.

Every year, unaddressed depression and anxiety cost $580 per employee in absenteeism, lost productivity, and turnover.

How we can help

Elomia supplements EAP by offering additional support.

It is anonymous, available 24/7, and covers people with all kinds of problems, from having a bad day to dealing with symptoms of serious mental health conditions.

When talking to AI, people are not afraid of being judged and take the first step into treatment earlier.

Key benefits
Save up to $580 per employee per year2 while increasing productivity and employee retention
Provide more private support than traditional EAP allows
Scale instantly, without waitlists
Customize to solve company-specific challenges
The challenge

Demand for quality and affordable mental health care is growing, but your network is limited by provider shortages and lack of cost-effective options.

How we can help

Elomia doesn’t eat into savings gained from integrating regular mental health support into your offering and can help maximize profit margins.

Key benefits
Save up to $1,377 per person per year3 while answering the call for parity
Add a new tool to your arsenal to reach more members, including those who are traditionally underserved and located in areas of therapist shortage
Leverage technology that plugs into your digital front door
The challenge

Integrating behavioral health into primary care is hampered by the workforce crisis, eroding margins, months-long waitlists, and patient hesitancy to care. The result? Significant potential loss in revenue.

How we can help

Elomia is an engaging tool that optimizes your team’s reach and helps you achieve behavioral health integration by delivering immediate access to mental health support wherever your members need it.

Key benefits
Optimize your team’s ability to quickly respond to patient needs
Retain your patients and boost revenues up to 17%4
Easily integrate into existing workflow to improve patient access and provider experience

Ready to scale your mental health care?

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