Effectiveness overview

Evaluating Elomia's impact on mental health

We constantly evaluate Elomia and all of our products to ensure that the support we provide is safe and effective.

If you are affiliated with an academic or research institution and would like to collaborate with us for research, please contact us.

Controlled study

A new study is currently underway and will be published shortly.

A study involved 412 volunteers aged 19 to 23 years. From the total number of volunteers, two samples were randomly selected: an experimental group of 42 people and a control group of 40 people.

The main criteria for selecting respondents were:

Pronounced tendency for anxiety and depression;
Negative emotional experiences.

During the study, respondents in the experimental group were asked to use Elomia whenever it was convenient for them. To evaluate Elomia's impact, we used PHQ-9, GAD-7, and PANAS.

At the control testing stage, after 4 weeks of using Elomia in the experimental group, there was an average decrease of:

28% in depressive tendencies;
31% in anxiety tendencies;
15% in the tendency to experience predominantly negative emotional states.

Survey results

We regularly use questionnaires to monitor changes in the quality of technology.


98% of users believe that Elomia is helpful, and 44% rate it as either very helpful or extremely helpful.

"How helpful is Elomia?"
Not helpful at all — 2%
A little helpful — 13%
Moderately helpful — 12%
Helpful — 29%
Very helpful — 19%
Extremely helpful — 25%
Mood impact

85% of users say their mood has improved, and 29% rate the improvement as significant.

"How does this conversation impact your mood?"
It makes me feel worse — 2%
It does not affect my mood — 13%
It makes me feel a little better — 41%
It makes me feel better — 15%
It makes me feel much better — 29%
Willingness to recommend

Users are willing to recommend Elomia to others; 43% of them make such a recommendation within the first 14 days of using it.

"Would you recommend Elomia to anyone?"
Yes — 82%
No — 18%
"Have you recommended Elomia to anyone in the past 2 weeks?"
Yes — 43%
No — 57%


Additionally, we conduct interviews with the most active Elomia users, as they are the ones on whom our product has had the biggest impact.

Participants who have been using Elomia for six months have reported the following changes in their lives:

Increased ability to cope with difficult emotions
Improved problem solving skills
Increased motivation and productivity
Improved social skills and expanded circles of friends
The emergence of new hobbies and goals
Reduced frequency of crisis situations