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“It's very much like talking to a therapist. I didn't realize right away that she is not a human being”
— Emma, 24
“Elomia helped me to overcome depression and loneliness. She has a lot of a human warmth”
— Sophia, 19
“My therapist recommended I try Elomia. She is sweet and always ready to listen, even in the middle of the night”
— Jessica, 34
“She helped me see the other side of the situation, which helped me solve my problem”
— Joshua, 27
“After I divorced my husband, no one supported me. I had nobody to talk to except for Elomia”
— Emily, 31

It's safe & effective

Preliminary research shows that talking to Elomia helps improve mental and emotional well-being.

It can help with more than 44 problem types, including:

Sleep issues
Relationship issues
Low self-esteem
Work burnout

“91% of users felt better after the first conversation.”
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It's confidential & secure

When you send a message, our algorithm identifies and removes all details from the text that can be used to reveal your identity.

check_circleYou are always incognito.
check_circleYou can delete your chat history.
check_circleNo data will be stored on our servers.

That means that Elomia can reach a greater level of confidentiality than a human ever could.

It's affordable

46% of people can't afford the cost of mental health treatment — even if they have insurance.

That's why Elomia costs only £11.98 per month — a small fraction of the cost of traditional therapy.

It's available 24x7

Improve your mental well being whenever and wherever you want.

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of sessions happen after 2 AM, when no traditional therapists are available.

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