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Made by psychologists to help you understand yourself, solve relationship problems, stay calm, happier, and motivated.

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It helps people to...

Deal with loneliness and find a partner
Get rid of fear, anxiety and panic
Understand and solve sexual problems
Gain motivation and self-confidence
Get rid of sadness and depression
Learn to make the right decisions
Improve relationships with family and friends
Take control of anger and irritation
Overcome stress while preparing for exams

3 reasons why you should try Elomia

It's the world's smartest therapy chatbot

Elomia combines modern AI technology with a psychologist to give better responses. The conversation with a bot is almost no different from ones you would have had with a licensed psychologist, but available 24/7 and equipped with personalized exercises.

Unlike other chatbots, Elomia actually understands what you are saying. Her artificial intelligence builds conversation in a way that helps to make you feel better and solve life problems. She is always there as your emotional support or simply as a friend.

It's more than just confidential

When you send a message, our algorithm identifies and removes from the text all details that can be used to reveal your identity, such as names, locations, dates, and so on.

That means that Elomia reaches confidentiality that a living person can never achieve.

You can start without risk

Use of artificial intelligence allowed to make Elomia 40 times more affordable than a session with a psychologist.

If you are not satisfied with an app, you can cancel your subscription and get a full refund anytime, no questions asked.

What users say about Elomia

Elomia is your emotional health assistant

You can ask her questions, tell what is on your mind or simply follow daily exercises to improve your overall mood and mental well-being. She is always there for you.


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