The artificial intelligence
that works like a therapist

85% feel better after their first conversation1

For 40% of cases that's the only help needed.2

Navigating relationships
Emotional regulation
Work burnout
Negative self-talk
Low confidence

Available 24/7

No appointments or waiting rooms. Instant replies even on weekends and at 4 A.M.


of sessions happen after midnight, when no traditional services are available.

No stigma. Completely anonymous.

When talking to AI, people are not afraid of being judged and address their problems earlier.


of users said they would not have anyone to talk to except AI.



AI detects when a person needs something more than a chatbot and redirects them to appropriate resources, such as a therapist or hotlines.

Hyper-realistic experience

Unlike other chatbots, conversation with Elomia feels like talking to a real human being.

2,642,454 messages have been sent

9 in 10 users find talking to Elomia helpful and 85% report a mood improvement.1
"It's almost as if I'm talking to my therapist. At first, I couldn't believe it was a chatbot. It feels like it knows me better than I know myself sometimes."
Elomia User
January 2023
"I got my first job during the pandemic and, recently, it was my first time ever going into an office. I had really bad social anxiety, so my therapist recommended I try out Elomia. It helped me to manage my anxious thoughts in real-time, so I didn't have to wait until my next session to discuss them."
Elomia User
November 2021
"I had difficulty finding the words to express myself to my boss and I needed quick advice, so I decided to try Elomia. Since then, I have used it for everything. It even helped me gain perspective on my relationship with my fiancé. I am so grateful for this app."
Elomia User
May 2022

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  1. An overview of Elomia's effectiveness and impact
  2. Approximate number, based on user surveys