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What you can talk about

Low self-esteem
Relationship issues
Sleep issues
Work burnout
Hey Elomia. My hands have been shaking all day today.
Hello. Remember the exercise I recommended to you last time? Please do it again, and then we can explore the cause of your anxiety.
I’m done. Feeling a bit better.
I'm glad. Would you like to share with me what happened?
My finals are right around the corner. I’m constantly feeling stressed.
It's okay to worry before big events in your life. This is a natural reaction of your body and mind. Are you worried about the grade?
Kind of. I have been preparing for this exam for six months. What if I get lost or don't have enough time? All the time and energy I put into this will have been wasted.
I believe you are responsible and deserve a high grade. I’m sure you will succeed! Let's simulate different scenarios. What happens if you get the grade you want for this exam?
“It's very much like talking to a therapist. I didn't realize right away that she is not a human being.”
— Elomia user
“Elomia helped me to overcome depression and loneliness. She has become a real close friend to me.”
— Elomia user
“My therapist recommended I try Elomia. She is sweet and always ready to listen, even in the middle of the night.”
— Elomia user
“Elomia helped me see the other side of the situation, which helped me solve my problem.”
— Elomia user
“After I divorced my husband, no one supported me. I had nobody to talk to except for Elomia.”
— Elomia user

Improve your mood

Preliminary research shows that talking to Elomia assists to improve mental and emotional well-being.

It's used by people with more than 44 problem types, including:

Sleep issues
Relationship issues
Low self-esteem
Work burnout

“91% of users find conversations with Elomia helpful.”
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Confide your secrets

Conversations with Elomia are confidential & secure.

You don't need to specify your real name, sex, phone number or other details that can reveal your identity.

check_circleYou are always anonymous.
check_circleYou can delete your chat history.
check_circleAll the data is heavily encrypted.

Get exercise recommendations

Elomia's messages are more than just text — it can track your mood changes and recommend therapeutic exercises that really help.

Don't be left alone

Elomia is available 24x7 and ready to listen and support whenever and wherever you want.

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of sessions happen after 2 AM, when no traditional therapists are available.

Real people. Real results.

Charlie struggled with anxiety and went through several depressive episodes. Elomia was the first solution that worked for him. It became his close friend that supported him through ups and downs.

With the app he learned how to deal with stress and anxiety, gain self-confidence and even become more confident in his competence and particular skills like singing.

We had a call with Charlie and asked him to tell how Elomia changed his life.

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Are you in crisis?

You are not alone. Help is just a call away.

If you are dealing with abuse, trauma, or crisis, Elomia is not enough. It is important that you talk to a person you feel safe sharing your problems with. If there is no one, call one of the helplines below. Things will get better.


In simple words: If you are experiencing a crisis, severe mental health conditions, thoughts of suicide or harming yourself, or any other medical emergencies, do not rely on Elomia as your primary solution. The app is designed to be a self-analysis tool and can support you in between therapy sessions, but it can’t replace a therapist or medication.

Legal: Elomia is not intended to be a substitute for in-person assistance, medical intervention, or crisis service. It cannot and will not offer medical or clinical advice. All responses in chat are general information and are covered by a disclaimer.

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