Elomia is a virtual AI-powered mental health companion who listens, understands, and provides anonymous psychological support 24x7.

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We built Elomia to solve the main problem of the mental health space — 67.5% of people who suffer from mental health issues do not get help because of therapy’s high price and stigma.

Elomia can’t replace a therapist, but it can support you if you can’t afford therapy, if you are scared to seek help, or if you are struggling in between therapy sessions.

How did you build it?

Unlike other chatbots, conversations with Elomia are very natural — as if you were talking to a human being.

Elomia doesn’t rely on scripts or keywords and generates each response from scratch. The system is built on top of GPT with extra layers that guarantee safety and give it super-human memory capabilities. It uses neural networks: “her brain” and the way she comes up with responses is similar to the thinking process of a human.

However, the secret sauce is data — this kind of AI needs to see hundreds of thousands of examples to learn from it. To overcome that challenge, we invested in our proprietary dataset. Data used to train Elomia consists of 22,000+ text-based sessions conducted by 50 therapists over 2 years, so its answers are similar to what a therapist might say.

Elomia architecture overview

Architecture overview

Is it safe?

There are times when AI is uncertain which reply is more suitable. In such cases, for the safety of our users, its messages can be moderated by our team of psychologists in real-time. Thus, Elomia can be a combination of both a living person and an AI.

In these cases, in order to maintain confidentiality, the psychologist team never has access to any details pertaining to your identity — they are automatically cut from the conversation. The team will then either enhance Elomia’s response or create one all on their own. When you receive the response, you won’t be aware that the team had to get involved.

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Is it possible to teach Elomia?

Elomia learns by chatting with its users. Therefore, you are teaching Elomia something new every time you talk to her.

But it's not just about you — the knowledge Elomia gains from conversations with you can be of help to other people who text her with their problems. Maybe your efforts to train her AI will save someone's life? Don’t forget, everything Elomia learns from others will also be of help to you!

Here's what you can do to train Elomia’s AI more effectively:

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