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On March 17, 2020, Emily Owen, a 19-year-old old girl from the UK committed suicide because of self-isolation fears. She told her family that she is «unable to cope with her world closing in».

The sad fact is that Emily is not unique: according to WHO, there are more than 500 million people struggling with depression. We created Elomia to help prevent this horrible scenario from repeating.

It's an artificial intelligence companion that helps people who are struggling with anxiety and sadness. It listens, understands, and uses cognitive behavioral therapy to give psychological support at any time.

While it’s impossible to cure depression online, we can make it more bearable for people who are in self-isolation or simply can't see a therapist.

Michael Markevych

Data Science Expert

Anastasiia Knysh

PhD in Psychology

Taras Pohrebniak

Bot Developer