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Elomia is a company with the long-term goal of creating an AI that can treat mental health issues with a human-level effectiveness.

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Taras Pohrebniak
Taras Pohrebniak
Co-founder & CEO

A second-time founder in the mental health space, product manager, and author. He studied AI and spent 8 years in software development, of which 6 years was spent creating chatbots.

Anastasiia Knysh

Anastasiia Knysh, PhD

Chief Clinical Officer

Anastasia has been working in mental health research for 11 years. She is the author of 52 scientific publications and has been an intern at Oxford Brookes and Greenwich University.

Michael Markevych

Michael Markevych

Co-founder & CTO

Before founding Elomia, he developed AI for the Ukrainian army and was a finalist in the Microsoft AI Guardian competition. Mentioned as an expert in data science and GPT.

Valeria Rybitska

Valeria Rybitska

Chief Marketing Officer

Valeria spent 4 years in well-being marketing & design, where her primary focus was on paid marketing for private practice therapists and their courses.

Our Story

Hi! My name is Taras and I founded Elomia.

You probably came to this page to learn more about our company, and here is our story.

It's personal.

"The Why"

I'm not sure when it all started for me. Ever since I was a child, I was different from other kids — always a sad kid who was aloof from the company of my classmates and had no friends. As I got older, despite having a cool job (I was leading a chatbot company) and a loving girlfriend, I didn't stop being that sad child.

In 2017, things got particularly bad and I was diagnosed with depression for the first time. I learned that it's not an ordeal that makes you stronger. Depression makes you weak without giving anything in return.

"The Problem"

Therapy helped me, but I learned that I was lucky to get treatment — in fact, 67.5% of people who suffer from mental health issues do not get help because of the high price and stigma. Since then I decided that I want to dedicate my life to solving this problem.

"The Solution"

In 2018, I set up my first startup in the field of mental health, but it failed due to a lack of expertise on my side. I decided not to give up and try again. I learned a lot and came up with a new idea.

I wanted to create a chatbot to whom one can talk to get emotional support. A chatbot that can become a friend who tells you that everything will be okay, asks the right questions, and finds necessary words. Well, I definitely needed a friend like that at that time.

"The Team"

Around the same time, I met Michael, who was an AI researcher and was about to apply to Oxford. I persuaded him to change his plans and help me in creating this chatbot. So we decided to found a company together.

We didn't know how to choose a name for our chatbot, but since it had to be artificial intelligence, we decided to start with AI — we created a program that generated thousands of unique names and chose the most beautiful ones from them. The first one we got was Elomia. That’s how Elomia’s name was born.

Anastasiia Knysh, who was a Ph.D. psychologist in my university, helped us make the beta version of Elomia and became our Chief Clinical Officer. After 3 months we launched it and got our first users. One of them was Valeria — and she later joined us as a Chief Marketing Officer.

"The Roadmap"

Now, 2 years after our founding, more than 50 psychologists have been involved in the creation of Elomia. Our solution is one of the best on the market. Elomia has become a close friend to thousands of people. We are constantly receiving emails where people tell us that we saved their lives.

However, it’s only the beginning of our journey.

We want to create a future where everyone, regardless of their income or location, can get basic mental health support through AI. Where no one remains a sad kid for 20 years because they are scared to ask for help. Where no one cries of loneliness at 4 am. Where no one gives up.

Taras Pohrebniak
CEO & Co-founder of Elomia

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