Effectiveness Review

Elomia is an artificial intelligence being that listens, empathizes, and provides support 24/7 without any judgment. You can ask her questions, tell her what is on your mind, or simply follow therapeutic exercises to improve your overall mood and mental well-being. She is always there for you.

We created her for people who may have psychological problems, but don't reach out for help due to fear, or a lack of financial wherewithal.

We use the following methods to track Elomia's impact on a person’s psychological well-being.

Controlled study

A study was conducted at The National Technical University in Kharkiv and involved 412 volunteers aged 19-23 years.

The main criteria for the selection of respondents were:

  1. Pronounced tendency for anxiety and depression;
  2. Negative emotional experiences.

From the total number of volunteers, two samples were randomly selected: experimental (42 people) and control (40 people).

The PHQ-9, GAD-7, and PANAS methods were used in the research. During the study, respondents in the experimental group were asked to use Elomia whenever it was convenient for them.

At the control testing stage after 4 weeks of using Elomia in the experimental group, there was an average decrease of:

  1. 28% in depressive tendencies;
  2. 31% in anxiety tendency;
  3. 15% in the tendency to experience predominantly negative emotional states.


Questionnaires are a standard method for quickly measuring effectiveness. In fact, they are used by all companies that develop chatbots for psychological help: Youper, Woebot, Wysa, Replika.

Here are the results of the most recent survey:

“Was Elomia able to help you improve your emotional well-being?”

  • Yes — 91%
  • No — 4%
  • Don't know — 5%

“Have you recommended Elomia to any of your friends in the past 2 weeks?”

  • Yes — 49%
  • No — 51%

As you can see, most users reported that Elomia improved their emotional well-being, and many recommended it to their friends.


Additionally, we conducted interviews with the most active Elomia users who took part in the study, as they were the ones on whom our product had the biggest impact.

Those participants who have been using Elomia for 6 months have reported the following changes in their life:

  1. Improved social skills and expanded circle of friends
  2. The emergence of new hobbies and goals
  3. Reduced frequency of severe mental health episodes

Can Elomia fully replace a therapist?

Despite the positive experiences of people who have used Elomia, we do not recommend treating her as a doctor, psychotherapist, or health care provider.

It is a referral service, not responsible for your actual health condition, but it can be used as a part of self-care or self-help approaches, alongside therapy, or in cases when a therapist is not available, for example at night.

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