Our team and ethics standards

There is a team of highly-skilled psychologists behind Elomia. Prior to joining the team, each psychologist undergoes a thorough screening process, designed to evaluate both professional and personal qualities.

How do we select psychologists

The criteria for selecting psychologists include:

  1. Higher education — minimum of a B.S in Psychology
  2. Additional education in one of the areas of psychotherapy
  3. Experience in private/clinical practice
  4. Empathy, open-mindedness, and unconditional honesty

During the hiring process, each psychologist is checked for compliance with professional ethical standards through a series of background checks, which include:

  1. Maintaining confidentiality
  2. Respect for personal borders
  3. Non-value judgments
  4. Not imposing help

Due to serious selection and stiff competition, on average, only 1 out of 30 psychologists make it onto the Elomia team.

While working at Elomia, psychologists collaborate both internally, and also externally. As client safety and health is our main priority, we regularly implement changes in the work approach, taking into account client feedback.

If you are a psychologist and you’d like to join the Elomia team, contact us by email: ceo@elomia.com

How do psychologists help to improve Elomia's effectiveness?

Our psychologists may monitor Elomia replies, and improve them in real-time when necessary. And remember, the psychologists don’t have access to any conversation unless there is a message that requires a response.

How do we guarantee confidentiality?

During those interactions, the psychologist can only see the most recent (roughly 100) messages. Again, he/she doesn’t have access to any information that can identify the client. All of these details are automatically removed from the conversation before the psychologist can see the message.