Hi! It's good to see you here. Before we begin, let us make some adjustments to optimise your experience by allowing me to know you.
Any information shared will be protected by privacy policy and be assured that none of your personal data will be given to another human/third-party.
Let’s do it
What are you passionate about? Are there any hobbies or interests which inspire you to be what you are?
Such exposure will allow me to personally develop a relationship with you.
What is your relationship status?
Love has a strong influence on people and I really want to listen to all your worries empathetically. Share your heart out to let me better understand how do you feel at the moment.
Have you ever been to a psychologist?
I will not provide a diagnosis or treatment, but I know some psychological techniques to encourage your mental well-being. I need to understand your previous psychotherapy experience to help you manage the situations correctly.
How old are you?
Each life period comes with various lifestyle changes and brings certain concerns. Knowing your age helps me to guide you through what you are facing at the moment.
Do you have kids?
I understand that parenting undercover an entire set of new problems and tasks, so parents need a special approach. If you have kids, I would love to assist in your way to wellness and emotional resilience in more personalized manner.
Let me know what did you do throughout your career life?
Having a career isn't just about chasing for money, there are other intrinsic rewards such as satisfaction. Perhaps you may think how all of this will assist in your approach but your career choice indicates much about who you are and what you will be.
Is there any specific goal I can help you achieve?
I can help you with that. Describe your goal shortly, so we can work on it
For example, better sleep, increase happiness, improve performance, reduce anxiety, developed gratitude build self-esteem, reduce stress.
Do you use Facebook Messenger?
I am almost ready to meet you! Just one more thing before getting into real-time chat with me.
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