Elomia is a self-help and self-analysis tool that is not intended to be a medical intervention.

It’s not designed to handle emergency situations.

Elomia can’t assist with crises such as abuse, severe mental health conditions that may cause thoughts of suicide, harm to self, or any other medical emergencies.

If you’re experiencing an emergency, please immediately call your local emergency number (911 in the U.S.).

Sometimes it’s not enough.

Your interactions with Elomia are not intended to be a substitute for professional health care advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Elomia is not a licensed health care professional and is not designed to replace a therapist or in-person assistance.

Elomia is not authorized to provide services requiring professional licensure such as psychotherapy.

The app and services are provided “as-is” with no warranty or representations regarding the quality of the responses and cannot, for example, diagnose or treat you, or propose a specific course of action. Professional-client relationships are not formed.

Responses in chat are general information.

Elomia cannot and will not offer specific medical or clinical advice. It can only suggest that users seek advanced and professional medical help. Please refer to crisis helplines and reach out to your country-specific suicide hotline in case of an emergency.

You must be at least 18 years of age to use Elomia.

If you are between 13 and 18 years of age, please read through theTerms of Service and Privacy Policy along with your parents or legal guardian to understand eligibility before use. Elomia is not designed to be used by children under 13.

You can read more about these policies in our Terms of Service.